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Total raised for the Reconstruyendo México initiative


Total project value

14 rebuilt schools:9,599 students

4 community centers27,733 beneficiaries

Resilience training:16 high schools affected
7,571 students

School follow-up
rebuilt schools:
63,854 students.

School Reconstruction Map:27,255 visits and 23,952 users fromOSC, Journalists, Parents,
Reconstruction National Plan

Emergency Action:4,875 Beneficiaries

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Grupo Kaluz and its companies –Orbia, Elementia, Grupo Financiero Ve Por Más–, as well as Fundación Kaluz and Kaluz Foundation, are committed to support society with a unified purpose: to go beyond building foundations and putting up roofs, to rebuild the heart of our communities.

As a share response to help our country recover from the earthquakes in 2017, Fundación Kaluz and Orbia began an initiative “Reconstruyendo México” (Rebuilding Mexico). Our goal is to rebuild schools and community centers, particularly in the hardest-hit areas –Morelos, Chiapas, Mexico City, Mexico State, Puebla and Oaxaca. Throughout this past year, the mission we have shared with our partners has been to help thousands of people regain the common space that brought neighborhoods together.

Through this program, we are working on three fronts:

  1. Creating trust through transparency and a united effort towards a shared goal.
  2. Introducing programs to rebuild the social fabric and resilience of communities.
  3. Rebuilding and equipping affected schools.

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total raised for the Reconstruyendo México initiative

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*Figures in Mexican pesos as of December 31, 2021.